Wholeness…….to me that word means being healthy not only in my body but in my spirit, which includes my thoughts and feelings. 

Do you know that the thoughts and feelings you have affect your health?

Have you ever thought about your own thoughts?  Would you say they are more positive or negative?  Medical science now shows that 87-95% of physical and emotional illnesses come straight from our thought life.  That means, what you think about, you may live out physically.

Every thought you think has an electrical reaction and a chemical is released in response.  To make it simple,

when you feel bad emotions like, sadness or anger,
 you produce stress chemicals that are harmful to the body.

When you feel good emotions, like peace or happiness, you release chemicals that heal the body.  Thoughts create emotion so if we have a negative experience and keep replaying it, rising up all those feelings we had again and again, we release the stress chemicals that can do damage to our physical bodies.  So what we think affects our bodies physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Great health starts by getting rid of toxic thoughts.

One of the greatest decisions I have ever made was ridding my spirit of anger and bitterness by deciding to forgive.  What a load off!  It has done amazing things for my health. 

I believe peace and being positive has been my age defying secret!

When we become whole in our spirit it overflows into our mind and we can start to have more control over thinking good thoughts which helps us feel good emotions and leads to better health and wellness!

You are in control and have the power to make choices and decisions about your life.

So choose a good attitude and choose to rid your life of toxic thoughts.

Decide to enjoy your life to the fullest by seeking the road to Wholeness!

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