We have an over abundance of food to choose from, but all food is not created equal. 
There are foods that bring life to our cells and foods that bring disease.  Many times we don’t think of it that way when we are hungry. 

We usually just eat mindlessly without putting to much thought behind it.

To simplify the thought of Wellness, let’s think of ourselves as a car.  So what does a car require to function properly?  The answer is - quality gas and oil.   We are the same way.  Without quality water and food, we will begin to break down. Our country is in a health crisis and it is directly related to our lifestyle.  Scientists that study health now say, “This is the first generation ever that is predicted to die before their parents.”

I believe a BIG part of our country’s health problems
stem from the food we are eating.

So what are we Americans eating in a year? 41% of Americans say they do not eat fruit and 82% say they do not eat vegetables.
84% say that they eat very little fiber

So what are the statistics of our country’s health?

When most of the diet you eat is processed, chemical filled, essentially dead food, you are not giving life to your cells, but when you eat things like fruits and vegetables you are actually eating something that is alive! 

So what are the statistics of healthy food?

The verdicts in on healthy foods and it’s GOOD NEWS!

It’s up to you to consume quality water, fruits and vegetables, along with good proteins, whole grain fiber foods and foods that contain our essential fatty acids, like nuts, seeds and avocados.  These foods will bring health and life to your cells!    David Bjerklie, from TIME magazine, was quoted in an October 20th, 2003 article as saying,

“The news about fruits and vegetables isn’t that they are good for you.
It’s that they are so good for you they could save your life.”

By choosing right foods…. healing foods, you can get your body on……..


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