Out of all the things we need to incorporate in our lives to become healthy, exercise one of the essentials. Often I meet people who are trying to eat right but are not exercising.  Eating correctly is a major part, but moving is also VERY important. 

Our bodies were made to move!

By moving we reduce our chances of all kinds of illnesses and disease.  How?  The body is then able to clean itself of toxins that we accumulate along with strengthening the heart.  There is truly no end to the positive impact that moving has on our whole body.

Dr. Colbert, MD in family practice, explains that our bodies are two-thirds water.    

So what happens when water sits for a period of time with no movement?

It soon gets a film of slime, becomes toxic and a breeding ground for disease.  That is a good example of what occurs when we are sedentary.  On the other hand, when water is active and moving it is usually clean and healthy.  That is what exercise does for our bodies. 

By making cardio exercise part of your life you will:

Reduce your risk of breast, colon, prostate and ovarian cancer

Reduce your risk of heart disease by approximately 50%

Reduce your risk of Type II Diabetes

Burn fat as fuel for weight loss

Along with cardio exercise, strength training is essential.

Many people do not realize that after the age of 30, if we are not working our muscles, we lose them – rapidly.  You can loose an average of 10 pounds of muscle over a 10 year span of time.  So if you have not been building your muscles from age 30-50 you have lost an average of 20 pounds of muscle!  When you loose muscle, your metabolism changes, and a loss of muscle turns to fat. 

The good news is – you can build muscle at any age!

One pound of muscle burns an estimated 40 calories so 5 pounds of muscle can burn an estimated 200 calories!

Only through working the muscles can you:

Rebuild your bone

Help your posture

Reduce your chances of osteoporosis

Get a fit toned look

Increase your metabolism

Strength training changed my body
and has changed the body and lives of many of my clients.
Together we can change yours!


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