Date Posted:11/3/2011 2:40:06 PM
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Numerous Benefits with Exercise
By: Ronda Biffert

    Studies showing the benefits of exercise just keep a comin’!  This further convinces me the body was made to move and needs to move to function at an optimal level.  Let me list a few studies:

If you are a smoker, research now shows that a brisk, 5 minute walk can reduce the craving for nicotine, along with reducing withdrawal symptoms.  Twelve separate studies were done and each showed a link between exercise and nicotine deprivation.  For those who did moderate activity, the reduced wanting for a cigarette lasted up to 50 minutes!

In another study, exercise showed an improvement in brain function by stimulating brain cells and creating new neuron connections. 

In a different study on the brain, subjects who exercised had an increased amount of brain tissue.  After only 6 months, there was a growth in the prefrontal lobe, which is our area for multitasking and goal planning.  Another site called the hippocampus (where the brain regulates learning and emotions), also showed a change due to a release of chemicals from exercise.  Exercise forms new veins, capillaries, arteries, and increased blood flow to the brain.

In other studies, exercise had a positive effect on ADHD, depression, and other neurological problems. 

Exercise decreased aging and aging diseases because of slowing the loss of brain tissue. 

Aerobic exercise also kept the brain sharp and able to concentrate better. 

As you can see, the benefits from exercise are endless!  Let’s keep it simple folks – just move!  Why be a pill popper when just moving more could be your cure?  Plus, moving is free!  If you can move, you will see positive results.  Remember:  you NEED to move to become healthy – inside and out!  Have a healthy week!

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