Date Posted:4/5/2011 12:47:21 PM
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Is all Water Equal?
By: Ronda Biffert

We all know how important it is to drink water, but, is all water created equal? I did a little research to answer that question and here is what I discovered.

Let’s first talk about tap water. The research I found showed even the deepest wells are polluted with chemicals from agriculture, industrial plants, and products we use today. Water plants attempt to kill the micro-organisms in the water by adding chlorine, which can cause health problems by itself, but still the chemicals remain in the water. Also, many cities add fluoride and treat the water with aluminum. Both fluoride and aluminum are very dangerous to the body, with aluminum being linked to Alzheimer’s. So what are we to do? Drink only bottled water? Once again, bottled waters are not created equal either.

The bottled water industry is booming and people are drinking ten times more than they did a decade ago. That is great, but on the other hand I was disappointed to find that the bottled water industry is less regulated than tap water! Many of the brands, when tested, contained chemicals and some twice the level of tap water!

Yes, this is all quite frustrating, but I have found a list of the better waters that are free from chemicals, along with having high alkaline (oxygen) pH levels and minerals which are very good for the body.

Recently I found in Dr. Don Colbert’s book, The 7 Pillars of Health, a list of several waters his company tested and also the ones he recommends:

1. Evamor

2. Trinity Springs Geothermal

3. Abita Springs

4. Blue Star Sparkling

5. Deer Park

If you have never heard of these waters, check your local organic grocery store or the natural department of your local grocery store. Many of the waters you see out there did not make the list due to high chemicals and bacteria in the water.

So to answer the question, “Is all water created equal?” No – not even close. But by getting informed and taking charge of our health, we can make a better choice. I choose a good home water filter and I drink the bottled waters on Dr. Colbert’s list. Look, your body is mostly water, so give it the cleanest, purest water you can find – it will help in staying healthy, inside and out for years to come!

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