Date Posted:12/23/2010 11:52:53 AM
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The Holiday Pounds are on the Loose!
By: Ronda Biffert

The Holidays are here once again so I feel it is my job to remind you that this is the season when those extra pounds come knocking, and studies show us that many people rarely get them off the next year. It is unfortunate that a little bit of pleasure can take so much time and energy to reverse! Well never fear, I am here to help you arm yourself with weapons against the battle of the bulge so you can enjoy the Holidays and be free from those extra pounds!

A strong weapon in this battle is EXERCISE! This is crucial! Do not be too busy to let this one go or you will find the evil "waist expansion team" knocking at your door. These "expanders" are very subtle looking disguising themselves as beautiful cakes, cookies, sauces and dips! So exercise daily to help in winning this war!

Another weapon is NEVER attend an event hungry! Fill up on a healthy meal before the party so that you can have your armor of control on. A hungry person does not have much disciplined to defend themselves from the temptations of high calorie hors d'oeuvres and mini desserts, but if you are satisfied by eating a healthy meal before the party you can mingle while drinking some mineral water or red wine......but just 1 glass!

Another tactic to use in this battle is choosing foods like fruits and vegetables. Most parties usually have a wide selection. So pick up some carrots, broccoli, grapes or strawberries and fill your plate full. These foods won't make you feel bloated at the party or groggy in the morning!

Follow these three strategies and you will get through the season without being hit by those extra pounds!

SO.....WARNING< WARNING! THE HOLIDAY POUNDS ARE NOW ON THE LOOSE! FOLLOW THESE TACTICS SO THEY WON'T FIND YOU! Inside and out! Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!

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