Date Posted:1/2/2015 11:16:41 AM
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Get Your Mind Right!
By: Ronda Biffert

I love the New Year! It always feels like a fresh new beginning for me.  Every December I take some time to sit quietly, going down deep in my gut to see what I really want to achieve in the coming year.  Sometimes I write small goals but some are bigger, lifelong goals, like continuing to pursue a healthy lifestyle, or loving people more.  Over the years I have succeeded in many goals but there have been some in which I failed miserably.  A while ago, because of some failures, I decided to do research on why some people succeed and why some people fail.  I could write a long summary but trust me, it basically came down to one thing – the thing that always stops us, ourselves, our own mind.<br><br>

At the corporation I have classes at, I always say a certain phrase to keep everyone going, which is, “Get Your Mind Right!”  One day one of the ladies surprised me by having a huge banner made with that quote!  It now hangs in the gym.  It’s so true.  If you get your mind and heart focused on what you want you can push through and do amazing things far beyond what you dreamed.<br><br>

Maybe you have some kind of goal and perhaps it’s a fitness goal.  That’s great!  So to not be one of the many that start and quit let’s first “Get Your Mind Right”,  and that would begin by writing your goals but taking 5-10 minutes every day meditating on them and saying positive statements to support them.  I don’t believe that you can succeed if you are playing tapes in your head that are not in alignment with your goal.  If you program your mind your body will follow.  It’s getting your mind stronger than your body.  If you hate to work out say, “I enjoy my workouts!”  Even if you don’t right now you can in the future.  But a word of advice, be smart with your goals and find a workout that suites you.  Don’t do insanity if you are on a beginner level. Also, make mini goals that will lead to accomplishing that goal.  But again – stop playing the tapes of what you don’t want to be and start saying things of what you do want to be.  In my opinion Getting Your Mind Right is the beginning of reaching those goals and Getting Healthy Inside and Out!

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